Our Operations team is dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of all of our spaces throughout the day. We do ask that our users please respect the order of their booked Silo spaces and tidy up before leaving.

Any equipment that has been used (under 40lbs) should be wiped down with the disinfecting wipes provided in-room and put back in its place. We ask that any food/drink that has been consumed be disposed of in the trash bin provided.

Mishaps happen - if there is a type of cleanup required regarding bodily fluids or potentially harmful substances/materials, please reach out to Silo Support immediately to let us know. We’ll make sure that our Operations team arrives well-equipped for the job!

Due to the current health concerns regarding COVID-19, we've implemented the most thorough sanitary procedures as possible. The safety of our SiloCircle is the utmost important to us! For more information on how we're keeping our spaces clean, click here.

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