Booking & access

  • The Silo will only be available to a maximum of two people per reservation until further notice. We will allow for increased capacity in accordance with the guidelines provided by the local government
  • An Operations Associate will be taking temperatures via contactless infrared thermometers, and will only grant access to those with temperatures at or below 38°C
  • Once the Operations Associate has determined that access may be granted, they will open the door for you
  • Once the booking has ended, if the client/s have not left yet, the Operations Associate will knock to remind them; it is imperative that booking times are respected to allow adequate time for the Operations Associate to disinfect and sanitize before the next client arrives
  • No back to back bookings will be permitted, as we must implement enough of a buffer for a thorough cleaning

During your booking

  • Masks will be provided in the space, which must be worn at all times
  • Disinfectant spray proven to kill COVID-19 will be available, and we ask all parties to disinfect anything they touch after using it
  • Hand sanitizer will be available within the Silo, which clients must apply before beginning their work out
  • Clients must maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between themselves, their trainer, and any Silofit staff member
  • Temporarily, showers will be off limits, towel service will be suspended, boxing gloves and hand wraps will be unavailable, and fruit will not be provided for at least the first few weeks

After your booking

  • Once the booking has ended, we ask the client/s to vacate the Silo with attention to the distance between themselves and the Operations Associate outside of the Silo
  • Upon vacating, an Operations Associate will enter the space to disinfect, sanitize, and organize the Silo to ensure the best possible experience for incoming bookings

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