A spare bedroom and bathroom aren’t the only spaces you can include in your listing. You may have other unused (or mostly unused) spaces that could be made available to a renter to bring in even more monthly income.

Storage space

Most renters possess more than one room’s worth of stuff. If you have extra space in your garage, basement or attic, you can include that in your listing. Make sure it’s clearly delineated space that is obvious in a photograph, such as a couple of empty shelves in the hall closet, or an empty corner of the basement. Nobody wants to wade through piles of someone else’s stuff to get to theirs (and you don’t want your renter moving your stuff around, either). Measure the space and include the dimensions in your listing. If you are going to offer storage space like this, do at least a light declutter and organization first.

Garage or backyard hobby space

If you have a workshop or potting shed in your backyard, consider offering them up as part of your rental listing. Someone might be looking for a rental opportunity with space for their hobby–such as painting, pottery, working on cars, weight lifting, etc.

Private office space or sitting room

More and more people are working from home, whether they’re still employed full-time or have a part-time job. Even if you don’t have an extra spare bedroom to offer, you might have a home office, game or play room, loft, converted basement space, or formal living room that’s not getting used. Why not get rid of the pool table that’s just taking up space, and put that room to work for you?

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