The most important thing is not to stress out. Nobody’s expecting professional photography. If you have a camera or smartphone, you have everything you need. And remember, any pictures are better than no pictures.

If you haven’t already, do a quick tidying up. Then just work your way from room to room. Here are four things to know to make your photos the best they can be.

1. Take lots of photos. More than you think you need.

The more photos you have to choose from, the better. This does not mean you have to include dozens of photos in your listing—use only your favorites.

2. Use lots of good lighting.

Turn on the overhead lights and lamps in each room, then open the window coverings. Softer daylight is better than strong direct sunlight, so you may find that the room looks best with the blinds or shades closed and the curtains open.

Take a few practice photos. Do you see any dark corners or harsh shadows? If so, bring in another lamp or two, or move what you have around to achieve more balanced light. In the same way, try a few shots with and without the camera flash. You may find your space looks better without it. If you are using a smartphone camera, you may be able to tap on different areas of the screen to adjust the image brightness in various ways. Experiment and see what shows your room in its best light (pun not intended).

3. Experiment with angles.

Shooting at an angle always looks better than directly facing a wall or piece of furniture. Angles provide a sense of depth, which helps any room look bigger and more interesting.

As for photo orientation, we recommend using landscape mode for a horizontal photo. If you prefer vertical, that’s fine too, but be consistent in all of your photos.

4. Use photo enhancement tools with caution.

Who doesn’t love playing with all the photo tools on your phone? But when it comes to listing photos, take it easy. Aim for pleasing, but still natural and realistic images.

At the end of the day, simply pick out your favorite photos of each space… the ones that make you smile. That’s it!

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