1. An open toilet in a photo just feels creepy to most people. Trust us. Close the lid!

  2. Wherever there’s a counter, remove about half of what’s usually on it.

  3. Shut closet, pantry and cabinet doors unless you’re intentionally taking a photo of what’s inside.

  4. No dirty dishes in the sink, but it’s okay to have clean ones in a drying rack.

  5. Clear away any holiday decor (or at least don’t make it the main focus of your images). It may be Halloween now, but it won’t be forever.

  6. Turn off the TV. It’s distracting, and the light coming from the screen can throw off the other lighting in the room.

  7. Watch out for reflections of yourself in mirrors. These “ghosts” have a way of sneaking into photos, sometimes hilariously. (There are safety and privacy reasons to avoid mirror photos.)

  8. Take out the trash. We don’t always notice trash in small wastebaskets, but it becomes more obvious in a photo.

  9. Look out for wall marks and dinged-up corners in high-traffic areas. These can often be whisked away with damp cloth or Magic Eraser, and it makes a huge difference!

  10. Gather up your pet toys and toss them in a neat container.

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