If the idea of taking photos of your space feels overwhelming, remember: you are not taking photos for a high-end design magazine. You’re not posting a vacation rental listing, where everything needs to look perfect and un-lived-in. Silvernest is about sharing a real home with a real person, and all you need are some good photos that give a sense of the space and how you live in it. No big deal, right?

Here are a few suggestions for making each area look its real-life best.

Start in the future renter’s bedroom.

You want potential renters to be able to see themselves and their things in your space. So, naturally, a little tidying is in order. The furniture can stay, even if you’re offering the space unfurnished. (If there’s a lot of it, see if you can temporarily relocate some of the smaller pieces.)

First, remove any storage baskets and other items on the floor. Then, grab a couple of laundry baskets and gather up most or all of the personal photos, knickknacks and hobby items you normally display around the room. Finally, open up the closet and see if you can remove about half of whatever’s stored in there, or at least get things organized in a tidy grouping.

Run a duster around—including the ceiling fan blades, window sills, light fixtures and baseboards. It’s amazing how much these often-overlooked areas affect the overall feeling of cleanliness and tidiness in a room. Last, clean the mirror, and make the bed with fresh, clean linens.

If you’re feeling super ambitious, go ahead and get started on Decluttering Ahead of Move-in Day.

Next, work on the renter’s bathroom.

Give it a light cleaning and straighten up the counters. Remove personal grooming items and set aside for photo purposes. Put out your best towels, close the toilet and pull the shower curtain back.

Then, tackle any other spaces you’re offering to a potential renter.

If you have a workshop, storage space, home office or other secondary spaces you plan to include in your listing, go through and tidy them up before taking photos.

Finally, straighten up the common areas of your home.

Imagine a group of friends is coming over for a dinner party. What would you do? You’d probably do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen counters. Take care of that pile of shoes by the front door. Pick up the pet toys… that sort of thing. Finally, grab your trusty laundry basket and pare down the personal photos and tchotchkes for the moment. Do a little dusting and a quick vacuum, and you’re good!

Step outside and take a similar approach to the front porch and patio. Quickly blow or sweep away leaves and other debris, remove the dead plants and sweep the spiderwebs off of the light fixtures and other vertical surfaces. 10 minutes, tops.

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