We've improved the way you process appointments in Silversheet.  There are new features and updates to the way the appointments appear in the system.  Check out the changes below.  If you have questions, we're here to help.  

The BIG Picture

We've moved all the things you do for an appointment into easy to follow steps.  We've also added a way for you to view your appointment type and change it easily.  

Appointment Workflow Steps

Our appointment workflow has 10 steps total.  You don't have to complete all the steps to finish an appointment, you can also do them in any order. Here are some fun facts about our new appointment workflow steps:

  • You can reorder the 6 steps between the Receive Application Packet and Board Approval steps to be in any order you want.  Simply drag and drop them in any order you like.  
  • When you complete a step, the checkmark next to the step will turn green.  

As you click through all the steps, you will find everything you need to process your appointment.  

New Feature Highlights

We've added some great new features to Silversheet to help you process your appointments faster.  The highlights are below.  You can read about details by checking out our Online Resources


  • Appointment Type - You can now see whether your appointment is an initial appointment or a reappointment.  You can also change it!
  • Peer References - Peer references are now associated with an appointment. You can view the peer references directly in the appointment or filter the peer references by appointment term in the Peer References tab. You can also configure how many peer references are required by appointment type.
  • Hospital Affiliation Letter - We've added the ability to create and send a hospital affiliation letter directly from Silversheet, making the process faster and easier.
  • Additional On Screen Reminders - We know medical and DEA Licenses as well as NPDB queries must be verified within 120 days of the appointment term.  We've added on screen reminders so you know when this is needed to be done.
  • Summary of Credentials - We've created a rolled up view of all the credentials needed for your providers in the Credential Summary step of an appointment.
  • Delineation of Privileges - You can now include a Delineation of Privileges form when you send the Letter of Appointment to your providers. 
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