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How to create delineation of privileges

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In this setting, you are able to modify existing templates or create new templates.

Create Delineation of Privileges

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Privileging Templates

  3. Select Add New Template

  4. Add Template Name

  5. Select Save

6. Select License Type

7. Enter Description and select format and font

8. Select Add Privilege to add privileges, and Enter

9. Click and drag on the 3 dots to move the order of the privileges

10. Select red "x" to delete privilege

11. Select Save Template

12. To preview, select Preview Template

Updating Delineation of Privileges

  1. Locate the Delineation of Privilege by selecting the license type (Doctor, Allied Health, Nurse)

  2. Click on gear icon

  3. Select Draft (Note: Once Delineation of Privilege is in draft mode, you are able to edit)

  4. Select Add Privilege to add privileges, and Enter

  5. Select Save Template

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