The setting for Peer References can be found in Settings on the left hand side of the screen. 

Please set the number of peer references required for your facility upon initial appointments and reappointment.  The drop down allows you to change that number. 

Some facilities may manually upload a peer reference they have on file, however Silversheet offers a digital questionnaire that can be sent out!

We automatically provide 5 quality indicators to keep the questionnaire short for the reviewer, however you can add additional quality indicators as well.  You can preview the questionnaire easily by pressing the blue "Preview Questionnaire" button. 

Here is the preview of the questionnaire: 

If you prefer the peer reference questions to be extremely thorough, we have provided additional questions you can add to your peer references. To add the additional questions, navigate to Settings > Peer References > Select "yes" to the question "Show additional questions in peer references form?":

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