Welcome to Silversheet! Below are steps  to begin the Appointment Workflow. 

1. Go to the Provider's account and click "Appointment and Privileges." 

2. Click the appointment type you need to process or log.  

Example: "Process a New Appointment"

3. Begin the appointment workflow. 

Silversheet TIP: You will need to add the appointment dates to finalize the appointment, but you can add this in at any time of the workflow, as well as change as needed. This is always editable. 

In the following example, the facility is processing the appointment by using the digital application and other features digitally through Silversheet. 

Follow the numbered links below for a step-by-step guide to the Appointment Workflow. 

  1. Send Application Packet 

  2. Receive Application Packet 

  3. Verify Hospital Affiliations 

  4. Obtain Peer References 

  5. Sanction Checks 

  6. AMA Profile 

  7. Credentialing Summary 

  8. Board Approval 

  9. Log Privileges 

  10. Finalize Appointment 

Please reach out to your CVO representative or Customer Success if you have any questions regarding the provider's appointment. 

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