The "Credential Requirements" settings allow you to configure which Credential Documents your facility does or doesn't require across specific specialties (anesthesiology, pain management ,etc), license types (MD, DDS, CRNA, etc), and provider types (doctors, allied health professionals). 

This settings option helps you save time from needing to mark individual credential documents as "not required" for Providers one at a time. 

For example, If your facility doesn't collect driver's licenses and fluoroscopy certs for any of your doctors, you can create a new Credential Requirements setting for doctors, by:

  1. Going to the Provider Type tab under Credential Requirements settings

  2. Click the cog, select "Edit"

  3. Uncheck the box next to "Driver's License" and "Fluoroscopy" to mark them as "not required"

  4. Click "Save Settings"

Some Notes

  • It might take up to 10 minutes for your new settings to take effect across all your Providers in Silversheet. 

  • Even after defining your Credential Requirements settings, you can always override these settings on an individual provider basis by going to the provider's specific credential document and changing it back to required. 

  • If you mark an individual provider's credential document as not required, any changes to the Credential Requirement setting will not override it. 

  • If you change an existing provider's specialty to one where there's a Credential Requirements setting, this provider will follow the Credential Requirements configured for their new specialty.  

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