SAM Verification & Continuous Monitoring

Silversheet integrates with the System of Award Management. Learn more about how to run and manage SAM verifications and exclusions.

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Silversheet integrates with the System of Award Management which allows you to easily run SAM verifications and review exclusions for providers in your account.  

SAM Verifications in the Appointment Workflow

You can run SAM verifications for a provider by going to the Sanction Checks step in the Appointment workflow.  Confirm that the information listed is correct and click Save. 

Once a SAM verification has been run, you can view the results directly in the step.  

Click on the SAM Search Result link to view a record of the SAM results.  Even a verification that returns no results will generate a record to indicate the search was done.  You can download or print the record.  

SAM Verifications in the Sanctions Tab

SAM verifications can be run at anytime from the Sanctions Tab.  You can also view a log of all the SAM verifications fun for a provider.  Simply select the Show All option available under the latest SAM verification.  

How Silversheet Verifies SAM

When a social security number (SSN) is available for a provider (via the application or entered manually) Silversheet will search for SAM exclusions using the SSN.  The SAM database run by does not require SSNs to be entered when logging exclusions.  To ensure that a proper search has been performed, if no active exclusions are found, then a search will be run using the provider name and any other other legal names provided.  

Potential Matches

When a search is performed for a common name, it is possible to receive more than one SAM result.  When this happens, you can view all the potential results directly in Silversheet and select the one that applies to the provider you are credentialing.  For any results that do not apply, simply select Remove Result and it will not be logged.  

SAM verifications that return potential matches will appear in the Needs Attention for review.  

Monthly Monitoring

When you run a SAM verification for a provider for the first time, Silversheet will automatically enroll that provider into SAM monthly monitoring.  

Just like OIG monthly monitoring, SAM verifications will run monthly for each provider.  Running SAM verifications monthly is an industry best practice and recommended by Silversheet.  

If you do not want SAM verifications run monthly for your providers, please contact our Customer Support Team.  

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