The Send Application Packet step in the Appointment Workflow allows you to send an application and privilege forms to your provider.  

We've recently made some small changes to the process.  You can still do everything you've been doing in Silversheet, we've just made it faster and easier.  

Including the Application in the Application Packet

You can decide whether or not to include the Silversheet Application to the provider as part of the Application Packet   The application is selected by default.  To remove the application from the application packet simply click on the 'remove' button and the application will not be included in the Application Packet.  

Privilege Forms

Privilege forms can be included in the Application Packet for a provider by selecting privilege forms from the dropdown.  You can remove previously select privilege forms by clicking on the 'remove' button next to the privilege form.  

Sending the Application Packet to the Provider

Once you've selected all the items to be included in the Application Packet you can send the packet to the provider by clicking on the 'Send Application Packet' button.  If the provider is not yet connected to your facility, you will first be prompted to enter the provider's email address prior to sending the Application Packet.  

Adding Additional Forms After Application Packet is Sent

You can add additional privilege forms to the Application Packet even after you've sent the packet to a provider.  Simply select the privilege forms you want to add from the dropdown.  Then click the 'resend' button at the bottom of the page.  The forms that have not yet been sent to the provider will be sent.  

More Information about Application Packets in Silversheet

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