We’ve created a completely digital workflow for your board members to review, sign-off, and approve appointments and reappointments...all within the Silversheet.

We do this by assigning the “signatory” role to members of your organization.

For every appointment, credential coordinators would define who the signatories are for that appointment file. Since every healthcare organization has slightly different ways of processing appointment approvals, Silversheet offers the flexibility of accommodating multiple recommendation signatories and approval signatories, for organizations that have a multiple approvers and reviewers as part of their board approval process. 

When an appointment file has gone through the credential verification process and is ready for board review, a Signatory would log in to their Silversheet account, see a queue of appointments ready for their review and signature, and can digitally grant privileges & sign-off on all the appointment files awaiting their approval. 

Once a signatory signs-off on an appointment file, the credential coordinator would receive an update on their appointment workflow and see that an appointment file has been reviewed and approved. The approval documents that the board signatories have digitally signed are automatically logged as part of the Provider's appointment file. 

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