For every Facility account, we have a setting for defining who your “signatories" are at your organization. Just to recap, signatories are members of your organization who need to review, recommend/grant privileges, and sign-off on appointment/reappointment files. 

We break Signatories down into two main types: recommendation signatories and approval signatories, to keep the system flexible for how different organizations work. For example, if your organization just has 1 approval signatory, you'd just add that person as an approval signatory and leave the recommendation signatories blank. 

To define who the Signatories are for your organization:

  • First, navigate to your facility settings

  • Next, click on the Appointment Signatories menu option

  • Here, you would define anyone in your organization who potentially can be Signatories 

Anyone with a Silversheet account who is connected to your facility can be added as a Signatory. 

For example, you can designate one of your active Doctors on Silversheet to be a Signatory for your organization, or you can designate one of your back-office Silversheet Admins or Super Admins as a Signatory.

 If your Silversheet Admins/Super Admins are designated, they can just toggle between the Silversheet Admin interface and the Signatory interface using the toggle on the upper right side in the app. 

Do you require that your facility sign in a certain order? We can adjust this setting so that your recommendation signers must sign before your approvers. 

Reach out to to request this Setting be turned on for your facility! 

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