After the credential coordinator completes their verification work on an appointment/reappointment file in Silversheet, they are ready to prep that file to send for board review and sign-off. 

Review Privileges
Before sending that file for board review, the credential coordinator can optionally first log the privileges to be granted for that appointment, to conveniently pre-fill the Delineation of Privileges form for the Signatory board to review and sign-off. 

In the "Review Privileges" step, the credential coordinator can pre-fill the Delineation of Privileges form for the signatory board. The actual privileges granted can always be overridden later by what the Signatories officially grants. 

Board Approval
After optionally pre-filling the Delineation of Privileges form, the credential coordinator can then send the appointment file for board review & sign-off in the "Board Review" step of the appointment workflow. 

Here, the credential coordinator can select the relevant signatories for this appointment from the dropdown list. The list is populated with the signatories that you’ve already defined on the facility settings level. 

Once the signatories are designated and the credential coordinator sends the file for board review, the Signatories would then get a notification that this appointment file is ready for their review and they'll be able to access the appointment file in their Signatory appointment queue. 

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