When the credential coordinator at the facility sends an appointment file to the signatory for review and approval, the signatory will see on their dashboard that there’s a new appointment ready for their review. They'll also see a notification indicator next to the "Appointments" menu item that there are appointment files pending their review. 

Queue of Appointments for Review
Clicking into the appointments menu section, the signatory can see a list of appointments awaiting their review. By clicking the "Review" button next to each provider appointment file, the signatory can view the details of that provider's appointment and sign off on the appointment. 

Appointment Overview
Once you click into a provider's appointment detail view, we give you a snapshot of the provider's appointment details, listing out how long this file has been in board review, whether it's for an initial appointment or reappointment, and who the signatories are for this file. 

Then below under the "Overview" tab, we itemize all the provider's appointment related documents and artifacts you can click on to view in more granular detail. 

Grant Privileges
After looking at the provider's appointment overview, the Signatory can then recommend/grant privileges on the "Grant Privileges" tab. By clicking on each privilege template, the Signatory can see which privileges were requested by the Provider, and can mark which privileges to grant or deny. We require all Approval Signatories to complete this this step before signing-off. 

Digital Signature
The final step of the Signatory's job is to digitally sign-off on the appointment file. By agreeing to digitally sign-off on the appointment, we automatically embed the signatory's signature and time stamp on all the associated approval documents itemized there, and automatically log these documents in the provider's appointment file. 

Once the file is signed off by all the signatories, the credential coordinator will get a notification and see the appointment as approved in their Silversheet admin interface, with all the appointment documents signed and logged within their appointment workflow. 

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