The Dashboard displays a quick overview of any “Appointments in Progress” along with the status of the application, the appointment type, the date the appointment was created and the owner under that specific account. 

Since the dashboard is an overview, in order to view the details of a specific provider, be sure to click the green “View” button. 

You can also filter your search by toggling between owners, statuses, and/or the provider name or NPI.  

Below is a short description of each of the different statuses of an appointment in progress.

  • Pending Application Packet - Appointment has been created but the packet has not been sent by the facility to the provider.

  • Application Packet Sent - The provider has been sent their application packet but has not returned it. 

  • Application Packet Completed - The application was completed and returned to the facility by the provider. 

  • Processing - The verification process has begun. 

  • Pending Board Approval -The credentialing process is now complete and the board is reviewing the submitted supporting documents. 

  • Board Approval - All documents have been reviewed and have been signed and dated. 

To view by Owner, select the drop down menu and choose the owner name you’d like to view. 

To view by Status, select the drop down menu followed by the status you’d like to view. 

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