Adding Users & User Roles
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This setting allows you to grant and determine the access or role a user(s) to the platform will have.

Adding Users

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Users

  3. Select Add

  4. Enter in First Name, Last Name, and Email

  5. Click on dropdown to select User Role*

  6. Select Add

*User Roles

Once the user has been added, they will be sent an invitation to accept the access granted. If a user invite has not been accepted, the option to “Resend Invite” will appear next to the individual’s name.

Modifying User Roles

  1. Once a user has been added, you have the option to Resend Invite

  2. To edit the users role, select the Edit

  3. To delete a user, select Delete button

Comparison Chart on Silversheet features by user roles:

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