This setting allows you to grant and determine the access or role a user(s) to the platform will have.

To add a user and determine their access or role: 

  1. Select the “Settings” tab from the Navigation bar

  2. Select the "Users

  3. Follow the nest two steps:

    1. Click the green “Add User” button and enter the information prompted (Name, Email)

    2. Select their “Role” from the dropdown menu to the right of their name

  4. Once selected, click the green “Add” button to add the user

Once the user has been added, they will be sent an invitation to accept the access granted. If a user invite has not been accepted, the option to “Resend Invite” will appear next to the individual’s name.

Access and User Roles can be edited or deleted if needed. To do so: 

  1. Once a user has been added, the option to “Resend Invite”, Edit, Delete will appear by the individual’s name

  2. To edit the users role, select the blue “Edit” button to display a drop down menu

  3. To delete a user, select the red “Delete” button. This will then prompt a message to ask if you are sure you would like to proceed. Click “OK” to proceed, “Cancel” to cancel the delete request

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