To reach the “Credentials” tab, from the Navigation bar, follow the below steps:  

  1. Select either, “All Providers”, “Doctors”, “Allied Health” or “Nurses

  2. Select the profile you’d like to view in full 

  3. Select the “Credentials

Under the Credential tab, you will also find any credentials that require any input or attention from the provider.  A title bar will appear and display/label whether a document needs attention, is expired, or is good and current. 

You are also able to input a license, request a copy from the provider of a document, verify documents, or add additional documentation if needed. 

In order to do this, simply:

  1. Select the green indicator beside the document name to complete the action

  2. Enter the fields

  3. Save or Cancel the action

If a credential is not required but uploaded, you can remove it from the displayed list and mark it under the “Non-Required Documents” section. To complete this action:

  1. Select the gear icon to the right of the credential name

  2. Click the green “Change to Not Required” button

In the case that you would like to add any additional documentation:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page (Below the dotted line)

  2. Select the green “Add” button 

3. Enter the fields
4. Save or Cancel the changes

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