Appointment & Privileges

When on a provider’s profile, you will see a banner of menu options. Find “Appointments & Privileges” and click on it.

In The Appointment & Privileges section, it includes information for the application packet and includes any previous and current appointments. In addition, the appointment term dates (if the appointment is in progress, the dates will show as TBD), and the appointment type. 

Process an Appointment

In this section there are three options: Process a New Appointment, Process a Reappointment, and Log an Existing Appointment, and Log an Existing Appointment. 

"Process a New Appointment" will take you to the initial steps of processing a provider’s appointment at your facility. You should use this for Initial Appointments at your facility. 

"Process a Reappointment" will take you to the reappointment workflow steps in order to begin a reappointment at your facility. The steps will be similar to the steps in the "New Appointment" workflow, however, you may not require all the same information. 

You can skip any steps (example: mark them as complete) that are not necessary for a reappointment at your facility. 

"Log an Existing Appointment" is used for any past appointments that you want to upload to Silversheet for documentation purposes. If you already know the dates of your appointment and have signed approval documents, select this appointment type and upload. Note: This wont look like the appointment workflow you are used to, rather it will have sections to upload only certain crucial appointment and approval documentation. 

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