All Providers

You will see all providers when first accessing your facility’s Silversheet page. On the left hand side, “All Providers” will appear as a menu button option. Clicking on that at any point will take you to viewing all your providers at the facility.  

On the “All Providers” page you will see the list of providers, the ability to search for specific providers, and how to add a provider. 

Adding a Doctor or AHP

Adding a provider is easy! On the right handside you will see the “Add a Provider” section. Here you are able to enter a Doctor or AHP (Allied Health Professional), Nurse, or Other Staff. 

When adding a doctor or AHP, you can select the license type from the dropdown and then enter their name or NPI. Then click “Add”.

TIP: Using the NPI will ensure you are adding the correct provider.

Adding a Nurse

Clicking on Nurse will allow you to add a nurse to your facility. You can enter the nurse’s state license number and then select the Nurse type from the dropdown below. After you’ve completed those two, click “Add Nurse”.

Adding Other Staff

Clicking on “Other Staff” will allow you to add other staff at your facility. Here you can choose whether you will be adding a clinical or non clinical staff member, their job title at your facility, and then searching by their name or NPI (if applicable).

Add a provider without an NPI to a facility


1. At the facility, search for the provider on the Add Provider card

If the provider has already been added to Silversheet but does not have an NPI, they not show up until Step 4

2. If no results are found, click “Manually Add [Provider Type]”

3. Complete the Form with the Provider's information and click “Next”

4. Verify the information click “Confirm Information and Add Allied Health”

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