Sanction Checks can be found under the Sanctions Tab located within a providers profile. There are three sanctions checks that can be run OIG (Office of the Inspector General), SAM (System for Award Management), and NPDB (National Practitioners Data Bank).

OIG Continuous Monitoring

In the Sanctions tab, you will find OIG Continuous Monitoring. Here you can enter the providers information (SSN, other known legal names, DOB) in order to run continuous monitoring for the provider. OIG Continuous Monitoring runs monthly and will display any hits a provider receives as they come in. 

You can click “Run Query” at any point to run a one-time check instead of waiting for the Continuous Monitoring to run itself. 

After clicking it, you’ll see the recent search result along with past ones below it.



Below you will find SAM search results as well. In this section, any results will show for the provider. You can review the search results by clicking, “View Full Report” to find further information and validate if this result was for this specific provider.  

You can click Remove Result if this result does pertain to this provider. You can click Log Result if this result is valid for the provider.

NPDB Continuous Monitoring

Below SAM you will find NPDB Continuous Monitoring. NPDB is monitored monthly and NPDB integration is available to users with an NPDB account. Here you can set up continuous query, one time query, or log an NPDB query. Each selection requires specific provider related information in order to have continuous monitoring, run a one time query, or to log an NPDB query.

To setup continuous monitoring, click “Continuous Query”. A form will open up and will require input in order to have NPDB Continuous Monitoring. You will see the following question, “Is this provider already enrolled in NPDB continuous monitoring on the NPDB website?” If so, then a Data Bank Subject ID needs to be entered. Once entered, click Save.

If the provider is not already enrolled in NPDB Continuous Monitoring on the NPDB website then select, “no”.  A form will open and require input. Once completed, click “Save”.

One Time Query

To run a one time query, click, “One Time Query”. A similar form will open and require input in order to run a one time query. Once the information has been entered, click “Save”.

Log an NPDB Query

To log an NPDB query, click on “Log an NPDB Query”. An area will appear with a button to “upload copy”. Click “Upload Copy” to upload an attachment of an NPDB query to Silversheet. You will click the green plus to upload an attachment. In addition you will need to provide query date and whether or not adverse action reports were found. Once complete, click “Submit”.

If there were adverse action reports found, an additional dropdown will appear to add the report type that was found. In addition, notes can be added in relation to the positive hit. Once complete, click “Submit”.

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