There are two types of verifications that can be run in Silversheet. These two verifications are verifying a physician's State Medical License and DEA License. In order to verify these credentials, you will first need to navigate to the "Credentials" tab under a providers profile.

Once you have navigated to the Credentials tab, you will want to click on the item you are looking to verify. In this case, we will be verifying a State Medical License. Click on the blue name of the credentialing document. This will open the credential card.

Once the credential card is open, you will see the "Document Activity" located on the right hand side. On the top right of the "Document Activity" box you will see "Run Verification". This is what you will want to click.

Once you click the "Run Verification" button, the verification will begin to run. You will see Pending Verification at the top of the "Document Activity".

If a license is not renewed or not active, you will see State Medical License expired in the "Document Activity".

If a license is active it will show up as "Verified" in the "Document Activity". The verification will be logged in the "Document Activity" as well and can be opened by clicking on the green box next to "Verified".

This will bring you to the verification page from the DEA or State Licensing Body, where you will be able to see more information regarding the license. This will also be the verification you would show during an audit.

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