The "Health Documents" tab can be found under the providers profile. Please note that all documents stored under this tab are HIPPA Compliant.

Under the "Health Document" section all facilities will have the Flu Vaccine, Hepatitis B Vaccine, TB Screening, and TB X-Ray listed. You can request additional forms that will be listed at the bottom of this article.

When viewing these documents, you have the ability log the vaccine.

Or you can request that the provider upload a copy themselves.

Flu Vaccine

The first document in the "Health Document" Tab is the Flu Vaccine. When you log the flu vaccine, you will first be prompted on whether the provider got a flu vaccine, or opted for an exemption.

You can answer yes or no and upload the associated document.

Once you select it you can select "Submit" in the bottom right. This will upload the document.

Hepatitis B

The next document available in the "Health Document" Tab is Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B has three options available. Depending on what option you select, you will be prompted for more information.

If you select "Yes" to the question "Did the Provider get a Hep B Vaccine?", you will be prompted to upload the documentation, mark if the Series of 3 was completed and add the date of completion. Once you do that you can click "Submit" in the bottom right.

If you select "No, Provider opted for an exemption", you will be asked to upload the exemption and add the date of said exemption. You can then click "Submit" in the bottom right.

If you answer "No, Provider received titer", you will be prompted to upload the titer, add the date of the titer, and then mark if the provider is immune or not. Once these are answered you can click "Submit" in the bottom right.

TB Screening

The third document located in the "Health Documents" Tab is TB Screening. The TB Screening is fairly straight forward. It first asks you to upload your attachment and add the test date. Once you do that, you will be prompted to mark what type of screening the provider had and if the results were positive or negative. Once that's done, you can click "Submit" in the bottom right.

TB Chest X-Ray

The last document that is automatically within the Health Documents section is the TB Chest X-Ray. For the TB Chest X-Ray, you would first upload the attachment and then add the x-ray date. Once you complete those, you will need to answer the 6 questions below. After that is complete, you can click "Submit" in the bottom right.

Additional Documents

There are 6 additional documents that can be added to the "Health Document" section. Those documents are the following:

  • Rubeola

  • Meningococcal

  • Tdap

  • Rubella

  • Mumps

  • Varicella

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