How to navigate to the Facility View

The “Facilities” tab allows you to view all facilities connected to the account. There are 2 methods to navigate through the connected facilities. 

The first method: 

Through the Navigation Bar (left side of page): 

Select the “Facilities” tab

  • This tab will open a page that will display the connected facilities to the account

To open and view the details of a specific facility, simply: 

  • Select the icon to the right of the facility name and address 

The second method: 

To navigate through facilities, you can select the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu can be found at the top right hand corner of the page. 

  • Click the dropdown menu

Click the facility name you wish to view - 

  • This will open that facility’s details

  • Using the dropdown menu, will allow you to toggle between and view other facilities under the account. 

**NOTE** In order to return to the dashboard that allows you to view all accounts at once, select the “Enterprise Dashboard” option from the dropdown menu. 

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