The review feature on credentials allows a facility to decide if a submitted credential is acceptable or not. This is especially important when your facility has specific requirements for your documents.

Some examples of this would be if your facility requires a physical copy of a license, as many providers send over copies of verifications. Or you may require that your facility be listed as an additional insured on a certificate of insurance and a provider sends it over without the required information.

In order to review a credential, you must first find the credential you are looking for under the "Needs Attention" section. You will then want to click "Review" to the right of the credential.

Once you click "Review" the card will open. You will then be able to see the document uploaded and the information regarding the item you are reviewing. At the bottom right you will be able to either "Reject" the document or "Accept".

When you click reject, you will be prompted with a box that allows you to send a message to the provider. In this case we might write something along the lines of, "Please send a copy of the board certificate, not a verification." We would then want to click "Send Request" in the bottom right.

If you click Accept, the document will be accepted and prompt you to continue on with your verification process. If you have any questions please contact our support team at

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