In this step we are able to verify the work history of a provider. You’ll see that we are able to “Add Employer or Employment Gap”, send a request, log verification, and see previously sent requests. This can be found under the Affiliations and Work History Tab.

The work history will auto populate from the providers application. If you need to add an additional employer or employment gap you can do so. To add a new employer or employment gap, click on the blue text “Add Employer or Employment Gap”. A new section will open up. Here you are able to select whether it is a current employer or previous or an employment. Once you’ve completed the information, click save.

To log verification, click on “Log Verification”. Here you are able to upload supporting documentation of verification and enter the verification source. The date and verifier will auto populate into their respective fields. Once you have completed this, click “Save”.

If the work history you logged included an email address, you can send a verification request from Silversheet. To do this, click on “Send Request”. Select the request type you are sending. In this case, work history. Select the recipients you are sending it to. You are able to also preview the request. Once ready, click “Send”. 

You’ll see that there is now a timestamp found in the verification request history section. 

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