The Enterprise Documents Tab can be found under a providers profile under the tab labeled "Enterprise Documents".

This tab is a place where you can log any extra documents that your facilities might require. These could be documents that a specific to the center, documents that need to be logged annually, or extra documents like ECFMG or CME's.

Once you've clicked the Enterprise Documents Tab, you will see a section labeled Uncategorized and a button that says "Add A Document". This button is what you will want to click to upload your document.

Once you click on the "Add A Document" button a card will open up for the document. The two required slots are the name and the document you are uploading. You can upload the document by click and dragging the file onto the card or by clicking the green plus and selecting it from your files. 

Once you fill out both slots you have the option to add a description or select if this document expires.

If you select that this document expires, additional slots will open on the card. You will be given the option to add the expiration date and to select if a current copy is required for compliance. These slots are required if you select that the document expires.

Once all of the required sections are complete, you will be able to submit the document. You can submit the document by selecting the "Submit button in the bottom right hand side of the card.

Once you submit you will see your document uploaded in the Enterprise Documents. It will list the name of the document, when it expires, and if it's required for compliance. You will also see a section on the right hand side that allows you to edit the information you've uploaded or log a renewal. When you log a renewal you will follow the same steps as above.

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