Privileging Templates allows you to customize defaulted Delineation of Privilege forms or use your own. When opening the tab you will find categorized tabs that will display the appropriate privilege form such as any drafted templates, forms specific to doctors, allied health and any archived forms.

**NOTE** You will find an option to allow an individual facility to use their own set of templates. The marker will highlight in green if a facility is allowed to use their own templates and gray if not.

To add a new Privilege Template: 

  • Click the blue “Add New Template” 

  • Enter the template name followed by “Save”

The template outline will display and the user will be able to manually enter the desired fields.

When completed: 

  • Click the green “Save Template” button to 

**NOTE** You will have the option to preview the template before pushing it live.
If you'd like to delete a section or the template altogether, click the red "Delete" button to do so. 

To Archive or Duplicate a created privilege form: 

  • Hover your cursor over the right corner of the field to trigger the dropdown (gear icon)

  • Click the gear icon

  • Select if you’d like to archive the form or duplicate

**NOTE** To activate, make into a draft, or duplicate a form that has already been Archived, follow the same steps as above but under the “Archived” tab.

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