The Verification Requests section under your settings allows you to create verification request letters and make them available in the appointment workflow. 

Verification Request letters are housed and sectioned under the provider type they have been created for. 

When opening the tab, an overview will show:

  • All requests

  • Request letters created for Doctor’s appointments

  • Requests letters created for Allied Health

  • Archived requests letters

**NOTE** To activate, make into a draft, or duplicate a form that has already been Archived, follow the same steps as above but under the “Archived” tab

Verification letter can be marked as a draft, archived or duplicated by: 

  • Clicking the gear icon 

  • Selecting the action from the dropdown menu

Verification Letters can be created by: 

  • Clicking the blue “Add Request” button

When creating the verification letter: 

  • Select the Provider Type

  • Select the Appointment Type

  • Select the Workflow Step from the dropdown menu

  • Fill out the fields

  • Click the green “Save” button to apply the changes

  • Click the “Activate Request” button to push the request letter live and make it usable

**NOTE** Forms can be added through the “Add form” option at the bottom of the page

Below is a general template but as mentioned above, this information can be adjusted based on facility preference. Data fields will need to be copy/pasted as listed below with brackets to import data from Silversheet file.

Name: Hospital Affiliation Verification

Provider Type: Set up based on facility requirements

Appointment Type: Set up based on facility requirements

Workflow Step: Verify Hospital Affiliation

Reply-To Email Address: Set up based on facility requirements (typically Credentialing Manager)

Subject (Email): Hospital Affiliation Verification Request: {{provider_name}}

Email Body:

Hello {{hospital_name}},

We are contacting you to verify hospital affiliation for {{provider_name}}. Please complete the attached PDF form and send it to the email address listed below.


Credentialing Manager



Request Document Body:

  • Verification Date:

  • Medical Staff Personnel Name:

  • Medical Staff Personnel Title:

  • Phone Number:

  • Provider Name: {{provider_name}}

  • Facility Name: {{hospital_name}}

  • Department:

  • Status:

  • Date Privileges Started:

  • Dates on file: {{date_range}}

  • Verified By:

You may send this information to


Credentialing Manager



Don't see this in your Settings? Contact to see if you can get it added!

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