The Communications tab is a powerful feature that allows an Enterprise user to send out mass communications and updates to Providers tied to their Silversheet account. 

How to use the Communications Tab: 

  1. First, use the Letter Builder Setting to build out the letter you want to send to your providers. See how to build a Letter Template here for Mac and here for PC.  

  2. Once you have created your template, select the Communications tab on the right hand navigation. 

At this point, you will have a couple of options. If you do not have a huge list of providers you need to send out communication to, it may be easier to go through your list and click the check box next to the names of your Providers. 

If you have a large list that you need to send communication it may be easier to select "Upload CSV". If you upload a CSV it should be in the following format.

Once the sheet is uploaded, the providers will be auto- selected and you can move onto the next step, "Select Letter".

Click the dropdown arrow to select from your list of letter templates. 

Next, click "Create Letters". 

At this point, you have two options: 

  1. Generate Files - this option allows you download the letters and send them via email to the previously selected providers. 

  2. Send Letters - this option allows you to send the letters directly through Silversheet to the providers previously selected.  

If you decide to send the letters through Silversheet, the next best step is to select View History to ensure that the emails reached all providers on your list. 

If your status reads as an error, click the red "error": 

You will then see a drop down of all the letters that were not sent and why. The most common reason that an email would not be sent via the Communications tab would be that the provider does not have contact info logged in Silversheet. 

To correct the error, go to the provider in your Silversheet account, add their email address, then go back to the Communications tab to resend the letter. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

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