Step 1: Reference Requirements 

Be sure to review the reference settings so that it reflects your requirements accurately. The number of references you set to be required will directly impact the Obtain Peer References step in the Appointment Workflow. 

Step 2: Set up your Peer Reference Questionnaire 

Add your quality indicators by typing in the box then selecting "Add a Quality Indicator". The indicators will be added to your list and be required for the peer to answer on your questionnaire. 

Note: You can edit or delete any of the indicators that you add to your questionnaire. 

Step 3: Additional Provider Questions 

There are 4 additional questions that can be added to the end of your questionnaire. If you would like to add them, select yes. If you prefer not to add the additional questions, select no. 

Step 4: Preview Your Questionnaire 

Select the blue "Preview Questionnaire" button to preview the Peer Reference form that will be sent out to providers. It should look similar to the following: 

If you have any questions about how to set up or send out digital peer references through Silversheet please contact our Customer Support team at 

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