In Silversheet, you have the ability to set up automated triggers for your appointments to optimize your credentialing process. This is a very powerful tool, so see below how you can configure it in your Enterprise Account. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings, then select Automated Triggers 

Step 2: Configure what reappointments you would like to automate by following these steps: 

First, set up automation around your reappointments. You will have the ability to create and send reappointments at the enterprise level as well as the facility level. Each is optional and is controlled by your selection: 

Second, decide the timing around the creation of your appointment. However many days you input in this section controls when the reappointment is created in Silversheet, and automatically sent to the provider: 

Third, it's time to set up automatic appointment notices. This is an optional step, but can be configured if you want your providers to receive an email if they have not filled out their application in x amount of days. 

You may add as many reminders as you think your providers need, as well as mark the email as urgent. In this case, "the initial notification" is when the automated reappointment was created and sent out. 

Fourth, don't forget to select "Save Settings" so that your new triggers are set up and ready to go! 

As you are finalizing appointments, it will give you the option to automatically trigger a reappointment. If you select "yes", these are the settings that the new reappointment will adhere to! 

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