In order to send out letters via the Communications tab, you must first configure your letter via the Letter Templates setting. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Letter Template Setting by going to Settings > Letter Templates

Step 2: Select Add Letter

  1. Name = the name of your letter in Silversheet (different from the email subject)

  2. Reply-to Email = if anyone responds to the communication you send out via email, their response will forwarded to this email address 

  3. Email Subject = the subject line of the email as it appears in someone's inbox 

  4. Email Body = if you would like to include a short email along with the form template, it can be added to this section 

  5. Form Template = the actual crafted letter that you wish to send to your providers 

Step 3: Add your Form Template 

The letter you wish to send out via Silversheet must first be crafted in a word document, then added as a Form Template. Select template variables to copy and paste what variables you would like to use in your template. 

For example, if you are sending this out to more than one provider you would want to include variables such as "provider_name" or "facility_name". This allows you to have flexibility when sending out the letter because Silversheet will pull the information from the system. 

Please read this article on how to create your form template using variables. 

Step 4: Select "Activate Template" then "Save" 

Your template will now be selectable from the dropdown in the Communications Tab! 

Don't see this in your Settings? Contact to see if you can get it added! 

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