Welcome to Silversheet! Below are steps to Process An External Application. 

  1. Any enrollment forms need to be provided to the Silversheet Implementation team for mapping and integration into the site.

  2. Click on the External Application Tab on the provider's profile. Note: this feature is only available at the facility level.

   3.  Click "Process an External Application".

  • Select Forms: Select the specific enrollment form from the dropdown menu that you would like to autofill. Click "Autofill Form".

  • Select Provider Group: Select the provider group for this form in the dropdown menu. Click "Select Provider Group".

  • Select Locations: Select the location of the provider's group/office for this form in the dropdown menu. Click "Select Locations".

  • View Autofilled Forms: View forms, make modifications by downloading the pdf, and then upload the updated form. Click "Mark Step Complete".

  • Send Form: Send the form to the provider or delegate for completion. The provider's email is populated automatically. If you would like to change the email on file, you can manually enter a different email.  Click "Send Form". The provider/delegate will receive an email with a link to download the autofilled pdf where they can download it and sign it. Once signed by the provider with a live ink signature, the form needs to be emailed to the facility. 

  • Finalize Application: Once the signed form is received, click the toggle under Finalize Application. Click "Add Document", upload the signed document, manually enter the date it was received from the provider and the date that it was sent to the payor, add any notes, and click "save". 

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