When setting up Network Management in your Enterprise account it is important to first add all of your Plan Types and Payors so you can configure your Provider Groups. First, let's go through how to add Plan Types in Silversheet.

Step 1: Navigate to "Network" in your Silversheet Account and select "Plan Types"

To edit any existing Plan Types in your account, select the "pencil icon" next to the name of the Plan Type. To add a new Plan Type, select "add a new plan type".

Step 2: Add a New Plan Type

In order to add a new Plan Type, you will be prompted to enter in a Name and Abbreviation for the Plan Type to add it your list.

Once you select "Save" you will then be able to select this Plan Type when setting up your Payor's in Silversheet.

Next, let's discuss how to set up Payors in Silversheet.

Step 1: Navigate to the Payors Tab to get started

Similarly to the Plan Types Tab, you will be able to edit or add new Plan Types in this section. To add a New Payor you will select "Add a New Payor".

Once selected, you will be prompted to enter in the required information add a new Payor in Silversheet.

Step 2: Select your Payor and Plan Type

Use the drop down to select your Insurance Payor and the Plan Type associated.

The Plan Types are pulling directly from your Plan Types Tab. If you don't see the Plan Type you want to add, go back to the Plan Types Tab to ensure it is on your list.

Don't see the Payor that you need? Contact us at credentialing@silversheet.com and we will do our best to get it added to our global list of Payors.

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