The Universal Product Ontology is a set of interlocking categories, attributes and labels describing how people intuitively think about products. Our AI can look at a search results page and understand what it means in the same way that you or one of your customers would. 

We've split all these different product items into an unprecedentedly deep level of granularity to be able to understand any item just as a person would. For instance, we have more than 130 labels just for dresses with millions of possible combinations. But we also cover homeware, automotive, electronics, books -- and any other product you might consider buying online.

This is one part of what enables us to match a search that someone might do on Google to any product on any retailer, without us actually being Google. That's incredibly useful because mostly there simply isn't the right information on a page to match a product to a search result. Users can intuitively look at a page and understand it's about, but -- until recently -- computers couldn't. 

We call it Universal because it works for any site. 

The Universal Product Ontology is the backbone of our technology. With it, even the largest sites are able to make their experiences truly user-centric

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