You can add a lead gate to your simplebooklet. This will force the reader to share some information you request before they can view your booklet.  

You can capture up to the following three types of information in a lead gate.

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number

Your lead gate can have any combination of the three required details.  This information is not verified.

Lead gate information is emailed to your account email address the moment it is submitted. It is also stored on your dashboard under the LEADS button found at the top of your created booklets list.

Adding a Lead Gate

To add a lead gate, open your booklet in the ACTIONS tab.  

You can define what information is captured by the lead gate. Up to three different fields can be required:

  1. Email Address
  2. Phone Number
  3. Name

Select any or all that you want to capture before allowing your reader to access the booklet.

You will also need a link to your privacy settings. If you don't have one on your business website, you can use our privacy policy (however, make sure you read it as you will be bound to it's requirements).

When Does The Lead Gate Show?

The lead gate will not show for you as the author of the booklet. To view it, you will want to open your booklet in a different browser where you are not logged into simplebooklet.

Also, the lead gate will only show once per reader.  Once they have completed the lead gate, we place a cookie in their browser that let's our platform know they have already completed the form and are not required to fill it out again.

Removing The Lead Gate

You can remove the lead gate from your booklet by simply clearing all the checkboxes. Then click save. 

The lead gate will no longer appear.

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