You can choose from a number of different page transitions to give your simplebooklet a truly customized experience. These transitions can customized in their animation, direction, and automation.

To select a page flip transition, open your simplebooklet in the BOOKLET PRESENTATION tab, then select PAGE FLIP.

This will reveal the PAGE FLIP options you can apply to your simplebooklet.

Single Page Transitions

These transitions display one page at a time to your customer.

Soft Cover Booklet, Board Booklet, and Hard Cover Booklet all display your booklet like a real book or brochure, with a realistic page flipping action. It displays your booklet as single pages, with the preceding page displayed as blank to the left. 

Slide and Fade Booklet transitions are variations on traditional slider and powerpoint type presentations. A single page is the only page displayed on your dedicated landing page.

Double Page Transitions

These transitions display two booklet pages at once to your customer.

Soft Cover Booklet, Board Booklet, and Hard Cover Booklet display your simplebooklets first with a single cover page, then opens to reveal a double page spread. For example, page 1 is displayed alone, then pages 2 and 3 are displayed side by side.

Wall is a transition that displays every page as a long horizontal list to slide through. Each page is displayed right after the other.

Transition Options

You can set your page transitions to be manual or automatic.

Manual will only flip pages when the customer taps a page turn button or swipes on their device screen.

Automatic will flip pages based on your customized timing setting. You set the amount of time a page is visible before it flips to the next page. You can also set if your booklet cycles through your pages infinitely or just once through the booklet.

Direction of your page flip will allow you to set the way you want your reader to navigate through your pages. You can choose from Left to Right, Right to Left, or Vertical (like a wall calendar).

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