Supercharging your document using simplebooklet is a very quick and easy process. You'll be sharing and engaging with customers in no time.

Your Dashboard

Your account dashboard is where all of your simplebooklets, galleries, and account details are found.

Make A Simplebooklet is where you upload an existing file or start a booklet from scratch.

Your Simplebooklets is a list of all your existing simplebooklets. From here you can manage each booklet and open it in the simplebooklet editor or the simplebooklet promotion tools..

Your Galleries is a list of the landing pages you've created that display multiple booklets. Galleries are great for showing a library of booklets to a customer.

The Simplebooklet Designer

When making or editing a simplebooklet, you pass through various steps of design. These are:

Page Content

Where you add and arrange content on your page. Add content like text, images, videos, embed code and more.  Then arrange, scale, and reshape the content using the drag and drop points on the content containers. You can also rearrange, delete, copy and manage the order of your booklet pages.

Page Actions

Where you can add calls to action to engage with your readers.  These include engagement actions such as call me, phone me, get directions, and content actions such as video full screen and captions for your content. You can add forms and lead gates to your booklets as well.

Booklet Presentation

This is where you configure the way your simplebooklet looks like to your customer. You can customize the background, the page transition (double page or single page, slide or fade), and what navigation features are available to your customer.


This is where you can share your booklet across multiple digital channels. We encourage you to share it on as many channels as possible to reach the broadest customer base possible.

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