From the simplebooklet PAGE CONTENT tab, you can add images/photos to your pages. These images can be resized and positioned anywhere on your page. You can also edit and apply treatments to your images.

To add an image, click the IMAGE menu button.

Next, tap FILE and select the image file you want to upload to your page.

You can choose, from the pulldown, to fit the image within the boundaries of your page, or select to keep your image in it's original size. If it's a large image, it may only partially appear on your page.

Click SAVE to add it to your page.

Your image will appear at the center of your page with 4 yellow dots at each corner.  

You can CLICK - HOLD and drag your image to any location on your page. Grabbing one of the yellow dots will alllow you to resize the image to fit your layout.

The Content Tools appear on the left with your image/element selected. 

Double click on the image and it will open the image editor tool.

Apply the treatment you want to your image and click SAVE.

Your image will now be saved to your page.

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