Simplebooklet has a robust text tool to help you add and edit text content you have on your pages.  

You access the text tool from the Page Content Tab. It's the first option in the toolbar menu along the top of the simplebooklet designer.

This will open the text editor. You can enter in the text you want to add to your page. 

Double clicking on existing text on your page will also open up the text tool with your existing text loaded into the tool.

The text tool offers a number of features to style and format your text. You can find these in the text toolbar along the top of the editor box. Highlight your text and apply the feature just as you would using any word processing application.

We recommend only adding a few paragraphs to each text element on your page to make arranging your layout on the page easier.

Click save to add your text content to your page in a content container.

This content container can be resized and positioned anywhere on your page.

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