Our PRO plan is designed for businesses who want to put their brand front and center with their customers and use simplebooklets as part of their sales and marketing process.

The PRO plan is great for publishing a large numbers of brochures, flyers, monthly newsletters, look books, guides and catalogs and using them with a sales and marketing team. It's also a great plan if you build simplebooklets for clients for them to distribute and share.

What is the PRO plan?

The simplebooklet PRO plan is a paid subscription. You can purchase this plan as a pay as you go or for a discount for an annual plan. The PRO plan has everything in the PLUS plan plus the following:

  • Unlimited simplebooklets
  • Convert files up to 250mb in size.
  • Create multiple custom domains for booklets, galleries, and your account.
  • Upload custom backgrounds for your booklet landing pages.
  • Share animated booklet posts (first 3 pages) and send animated emails of your simplebooklets.
  • Create multiple galleries with specific booklets.
  • More page transitions and styles.
  • Connect free and plus accounts to your account for free and have editor rights to booklets in the sub accounts.
  • Get personalized live support.

No Google Advertising will appear on your simplebooklets.

PRO plan options

There are two options for a PRO plan:

Monthly (pay as you go) - you'll be charged at the beginning of each month automatically for the next month of your plan. You can cancel at anytime and only pay for the current period.

Annual (prepay) - You'll be charged for the year and your plan will auto renew on the same date in the next year. You can cancel at anytime and you only pay for the current year. Our annual plans offer a discount for the yearlong commitment.

How long does a PRO plan last

Depending on your subscription plan (monthly or annually), your plan will last as long as your auto-renewal is able to charge your payment method.

If you don't renew your PRO plan, you simplebooklets are still saved in your account. You will not be able to make new booklets if you have reached the FREE plan booklet limit. Your simplebooklets will also show advertising.

Changing plans, upgrading and downgrading

You can change from a monthly to an annual plan at anytime. Click the UPGRADE button and select the annual plan to switch from your current monthly plan to an annual plan. Your annual plan will start immediately and you will receive a discount on the price based on remaining credit for your monthly plan.

You can also downgrade your plan by clicking the upgrade button and choosing a different plan. You can cancel your plan by opening up the ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT tab and selecting your plan, then tap the red CANCEL PLAN button. Please let us know why you are cancelling so we can do a better job in the future.

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