If you decide to enable your Simplecast site, we realize you may prefer to use your own custom domain, rather than the default structure of yourdomain.simplecast.fm.

Without the proper know-how, the process of DNS edits and pointing a custom domain to Simplecast can be tricky. Therefore we've provided you the information below. If you find you're stuck and need assistance, simply live chat us below (icon bottom right). 

DNS Records (with www prefix)

Within your domain name registrar, for the domain you'd like to use with Simplecast, you'll need to modify its DNS settings.

The easiest way to do this is to create a new CNAME (Alias) record for your www subdomain (www.mydomain.com) that points to your Simplecast subdomain (e.g., subdomain.simplecast.fm).

What about root domains? (mydomain.com, no www)

Most registrars do not allow you to configure a CNAME record for your root (bare) domains. If yours does not, you can usually add a redirect entry to forward visitors to your www domain (www.mydomain.com) if they visit your bare domain (mydomain.com). You would then proceed with the DNS Records process above.

How about other non-www subdomains?

Setup for subdomains (podcast.mydomain.com) is exactly the same as for www. Configure a CNAME (Alias) record to point your subdomain to your Simplecast subdomain (e.g., subdomain.simplecast.fm).

Do you support HTTPS/SSL for custom domains?

We do not natively support HTTPS/SSL for custom domains, but some DNS providers allow you to set up an SSL certificate through their admin interface.

CloudFlare is a great DNS provider that provides free SSL certificates for domains. In addition to SSL certificates they also allow for "naked" domains and are perfect for both setting up your custom domain and securing it.

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