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Alerts - Mastery Membership
Alerts - Mastery Membership

Getting alerts and notifications.

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There are 4 ways to receive alerts in a Mastery Membership. 

The first two are by logging into the Simpler Trading site. 

1.  The Mastery dashboard.

Go to your Mastery Membership page, click on "Enter a Trading Room".
From the Drop-down menu, hover over the live room you want and left-click. 

Once in the live room, there will be an alerts section in the upper left corner of the screen.
Even if there is no presenter, you can access this room anytime you are a member.
If there is no presenter, the "Welcome to the Simpler Trading Classroom" graphic will display.

2. The Trade spreadsheet.

Trades will be listed on the Master Dashboard under the "Trades" menu found on the left-side column. 

Open, pending, and closed trades the trader is or has taking are listed on this spreadsheet. 

The other 2 ways are through 1) the Simpler Trading Mobile App as push notifications and 2) the alerts screens with the app itself. 

You can get the app for free by downloading it from the Google Play or Apple App store. Just search for "Simpler Trading".  

1.  Push notification are messages that appear on the screen of your mobile devices.  The push notifications will be titled as "Alert For Name-of-Membership". In the below example, this Alert says "Alert For Options", so this alert came from the Option room. 

If this were an alert from a Mastery Membership, it would be in the title of the alert. The alert in the below screenshot is from the Options membership because it's title says "Alert For Options".  

2.  The second way to receive alerts on a mobile device is to go to the alerts screen(s) in the Simpler Trading Mobile App. 

After logging into the mobile app, click on the "Alerts" button at the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

The other place you can see alerts listed is by logging into your Mastery Membership.
In the below screenshot, there are several memberships listed, including the "Small Account Mastery" membership.  


After tapping on the membership button, the live room will appear.

At the bottom of the screen is the "Alerts" icon.
Click on that icon to see a list of alerts. 

The alerts will show from that room. To go back to the live room, click on the "Screen" icon in the bottom left corner.

Mobile App - Loading and seeing Alerts

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