The Simpler Trading mobile app is free to download from both the Google Play and iTunes app stores.
Downloading the app to your mobile device is a quick, and simple process.

Finding the app in the online store

The Simpler Trading mobile app is free.
Open the app store on your Device.

Apple IOS: Find the App Store icon.

On Android find the Play Store icon.

Searching for the Simpler Trading mobile App

Find and click on the search function in the store.
Type “Simpler Trading”. 

Locate and tap the download button.
On Apple, it looks like a cloud with an arrow pointing down.

Download and open the Simpler Mobile App

The Mobile App will take a moment to download.  
Click to open / launch the Mobile App.

Open the Simpler Mobile App

Open / launch the app by tapping on the icon.
Use the same login as you would on the Simpler Trading website.

Completing the download

Certain prompts may appear asking for permissions, for instance, to allow “Push Alerts”. 

Tap on “Allow”.

These settings can be changed later. 

If you enjoy the membership or class you have now, a 30-day Trial membership is a great way to explore what else is available. Just visit and click on "memberships" at the top of the page.  


Mobile App - About the Mobile App

Mobile App - Global Device Settings to enable Alerts on Apple IOS devices

Mobile App - Global Device Settings to enable Alerts on Android devices

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