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Mobile App - Global Device Settings to enable Alerts on Apple IOS devices
Mobile App - Global Device Settings to enable Alerts on Apple IOS devices

What settings on my Apple iPhone or tablet do I use to get mobile push notifications?

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Simpler Trading alerts are "pushed" to Apple IOS phones and tablets from the live trading room in real time. 

When these appear on your screen, Apple calls these notices 'banners'. 

Simpler trading no longer supports SMS text messages. Instead, alerts are received as Push Notifications through your Simpler Trading mobile app.

Ensure Alert settings are enabled

You must have the Simpler mobile app installed on your mobile device to receive live alerts from presenters. 

The app does not need to be open for alerts to appear on your mobile device, you can close the app to save memory, battery etc. and still get your alerts. 

To receive alerts during a class, please check all the following:

• Notifications for the mobile app must be enabled in the general settings of your device. This is turned on for you when the app is installed, and the user taps “Allow” when prompted by the Simpler Trading app. 

• You must log into the live classroom at least once. 

• Alert settings in the app must be enabled (they are enabled by default).

• You do not need to keep the Simpler Trading app open to receive push notifications. 

Find Notifications in the settings of your device. 

Find the Simpler Trading App in the list. 

Make sure that the "Allow Notifications" slider is set to on and that the "Banner Style" is set to "Persistent".

On Apple Tablets: 

On Apple Phones: 



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