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Mobile App - Loading and seeing Alerts
Mobile App - Loading and seeing Alerts

How do I view Alerts in Simpler's mobile App?

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When a notice / alert appears on your screen, they can also be called 'badges'.

Alerts are generated in the live trading room and "pushed" as notifications to your device. The Simpler Trading mobile app facilitates this process.

Push notifications are NOT SMS text messages

Simpler trading no longer supports SMS text messages

Receive alerts on either:

  • Your mobile device or...

  • By logging into the live room through a browser.

Mobile push notifications always originate from a live room.

Mobile alerts

Not seeing all the alerts on mobile app?

  • Log out of the app

  • Delete the app completely from your device

  • Re-install from the app store

Alert is in the app but didn't appear on the screen as a notification?

To access the alerts in the mobile app, tap on the "Alerts" tab at the bottom of the screen. 

Although alerts should update automatically, you can force them to update. 

There are two ways to manually refresh the alerts. 

  • Tap the circular arrow towards the top right of the screen. 

  • Drag the screen down with your finger. 

It may take a moment to load alerts from the cloud. 

Alerts will load and show the date, time and where the alert is from. 

When an alert is posted in a live room, it is "pushed" to the app on your phone or tablet.  It will then display on your device's screen as a banner. 

Opening an alert:

Tap on the banner to open the alert. 

You do not need to have the Simpler Trading Mobile App open to receive push notifications. 

If you already have the app open, a new alert will appear on the screen. 

Copy an alert

If you open the alert you will see that alert's Alert Detail screen.

You will have the ability to copy that alert's text and paste into another program, like an email, notepad or a text message. 

To copy an alert from in the "Alert Detail" screen, click the copy icon in the upper left of the screen. 

Bookmark an alert

Tap on the bookmark icon in the upper right of the screen to bookmark it.


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